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 Water quality standard in Japan provides trihalomethane is less than 0.1mg/1. Than of WHO provides trihalomethane is less than 0.03mg/1.
 Investigation of bureau of water works says that 0.028mg/1 of trihalomethane are detected in tap water as average rate.
 Trihalomethane is disinfection by-products generated from chlorine and organic matters present in water at sewage plants. Organic matters such as humic substance increase due to deterioration of the circumstances.
 Trihalomethane is the first cause of setting water quality stadard due to its carcinogen. National Cancer institute advise that any kinds of danger is occurred when human body intakes that, and cumulating intake is very dangerous. Trihalomethane triggers mischief such as carcinogen, hepatocellular carcinoma on human body.



・mass production as byproduct without circumstance
・effects of oxidation and decolonization
・sterilize dysentery and cholera in a short time


・making taste of water bad
・destroy vitamin and calcium
・increase carcinogens at the time of boiling
・brouise cuticle constructed by protein
・protein is oxidized and resolved by residual chlorine
・it is said the cause of atopic dermatitis


 Dioxin is a chemical compound made up of cardon, hydrogen, chlorine and oxygen. There are 200 kinds of dioxins. That has 1000 times stronger toxicity than potassium cyanide and twice stronger toxicity than sarin. Almost dioxin is generated from incineration of garbage. Smoke and ashes immersed in disposal places contain dioxin. That melts to sea along rivers by rain.
 Dioxin exists anywhere and is inhaled when people drink and breathe. That cumulates in body little by little. LARC provides dioxin is the most dangerous thing as carcinogen.
 Effects against infants are terrible. Some congress published that the higher pollution in developmental, the more the birth rate of intellectual disability and innate disability increase.



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