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 Water we use as usual is fresh water. Because sea water contains salt, it unfits tap water. The earth has fresh water which is about 25% on whole water. The amount of available water for human is less than 1%. Water, necessity of our life, is thought as abundant but is very precious thing. Water constitutes 70% on human body, in the case of infants rate of water is 80%. As long as human intake water, they can survive a few weeks. Water is source of life, and irreplaceable.


 Precipitation in Japan is about 1800mm per a year. That is to say Japan is the abundant country with water resources, but topography of Japan unfits use of water resources because of short distance between mountains and sea.


 Japanese tap water looks pale white, because chlorine effects color of water. Chlorine is used to sterilize microbe that cause musty. Recently mass communication points rink of tap water, because chiorine is said one of factors which generate carcinogens.


 How do we get inexpensive and safe water? Some people buy mineral water at supermarket, but cost for mineral water is 500~1000times higher than cost for tap water. That is natural action to buy water purification system. Average rate of spreading the system in Japan is about 31%, specially the rate in capital area is higher. The rate in Tokyo is 48.4% and that in Osaka is 51.1%.
 Water purification plant is unable to get rid of carcinogens and water purification system with activated carbon is also unable to do. Conventional water purification system is able to remove only smell of calcium hypochlorite and foreign objects but the system doesn't work for chemical substances and bacteria. Water purification system with reverse osmosis appears to solve the problems prescribed above. The system can remove almost chemical subetances such as trihalomethane and dioxin and bacteria. Rate of spreading the system in United States that develops the system is about 70%.



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