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 We raise ideas of an original business plan.
Application form is as you decide. At first, you apply an idea by e-mail. Wecarry out an examination for applications. After an application passes the examination, we receive documents of a business plan. After a business plan passes another examination, we invest all amount of cost required for realization of business plan, and totally back up you. On successful in business, we have a right to obtain profit of 50% on gross sales of the business. The applicant will be a person in charge.
 Ideas in application which don't pass an examination belong to each applicant. We promise we don't start business by adopting those ideas, but we regard a similar idea from other applicant as completely different idea because of difficultly to judge. If there are possbilities other applicants think up similar ideas to yours, you need to consider carefully whether you can make sound business plan before you apply.



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